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For hundreds of years Trier was the capital of the Western Roman Empire in Europe. In the third century, Emperor Diocletian made Trier, a Roman imperial residence and it’s capital and ruled the continent, from Scotland through to Spain and across to what is now Bulgaria.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany. Emperor AugustusTrier founded Augusta Treverorum, later called Trier; around 16 B. C. It is Germany’s oldest city because of the several fascinating Roman remains scattered throughout. It is a pretty town with steep and narrow pitched roofs, a pedestrianised centre and ice cream-coloured buildings, and has not been over-run by tourists. It is located in western Germany, on the banks of the River Moselle and Saar near the border with Luxembourg.

Still standing from this historic era are the Porta Nigra, a massive Roman gate and fortification, the Amphitheatre, and three thermal baths. The Roman antiquities are best seen during the off-season, because by the middle of June they are prepared for the outdoor performing season.

The Roman Porta Nigra gate dates back to A.D. 180 when the Romans often erected public buildings of huge stone blocks, with the biggest weighing up to an incredible six metric tonnes

The stone blocks were spared from recycling because a Greek monk called Simeon walled himself up in the eastern tower as a hermit in 1028. After his death in 1034/5, he was buried inside the gate and made a saint. In his honour, two churches were built into the gate (demolished around1804-1819).

Beyond the medieval city wall lays the Amphitheatre. Cruel animal and gladiator combats were performed here with immense popular public entertainment.

The arena, built in the 2nd century A.D.had an astonishing seating capacity of about 20,000.

With its crystal-clear acoustics, the Amphitheatre serves as a venue for the Antiquity Festival and is used today for occasional open-air concerts. Underneath the arena is a vast cellar where, in Roman times, prisoners sentenced to death were kept alongside exotic wild animals like African lions or Asian tigers. A moveable platform took them up to the combat arena for the final showdown.

The so-called Basilica, Constantine’s throne room, is the largest surviving single-room structure from Roman times. The Romans wanted the architecture to show off the magnificence and mightiness of their emperor.

The size is truly amazing, even by today’s standards: 27 m (90 ft) wide, 33 m (108 ft) high, and 67 m (220 ft) long – with an adjoining hall outside even 75 m (250 ft).

The Roman building was built with colourful marble, mosaics, and statues and made very comfortable by a hollow-floor heating system. However all this splendour and technology were destroyed in the 5th century by Germanic Franks, who built a settlement inside the roofless ruin.

Later on, the archbishop used it as his administrative centre and three palace wings enlarged it after 1614. Since the middle of the 19th century, it has been used as the first and oldest Protestant church in Catholic Trier with a splendid organ answered by a seven-second echo.

The Barbara Baths were built in the 2nd century as what was then the largest Roman baths. Although only one third of the original facility has been excavated, a tour of the passageways takes an exceedingly long time.

The extensive ruins were used as a castle in the Middle Ages, then torn down and recycled as building material until the remains were used for constructing the Jesuit College in 1610.

Only the foundations and the service tunnels have survived, but the technical details of the sewer systems, the furnaces, the pools, and the heating system can be studied better than in the other two baths.

Lastly, The Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum) near the Imperial Baths is well worth a visit. It has the richest collection of Roman discoveries in Germany; it is so rich, in fact, that only a small part of the collection can be exhibited.

The inner courtyard, used as a storage place for sarcophagi, columns, capitals, paving stones, and building blocks is in itself worth looking at, if only because of the painted replica of the 23 m (76 ft) Igel Column, a Roman burial monument about 8km/5 miles outside of Trier. On the inside, a series of burial monuments and display patches of original Roman paint on scenes of everyday life in Roman times (school, hunting, hairdressing, feasting, dancing, rent collecting).

The museum displays magnificent mosaics such as Roman chariot drivers, an exquisite glass collection, the most valuable piece of which is the cage cup from nearby Piesport-Niederemmel, pagan and Christian finds, and, above all, one of the premier Roman coin collections in the world. Stone age, Celtic, Merovingian, medieval and early modern artefacts and artwork are other notable treasures of the museum

Travel by Train

Germany’s efficient national rail service provider is Deutsche Bahn and this is one of the best railway networks in Europe. The efficient railway service, which includes high-speed InterCityExpress (ICE) trains, offers comprehensive travel across the country with numerous mainline stations.

Travel by Taxi

Many of Trier’s taxis is made up of Mercedes Benz sedans and provides a convenient comfortable way to travel. Prices are based on metered mileage and there is a minimum charge. There are numerous taxi stands throughout the city and beside all main train stations.

Travel by Car Hire/Rental

Traffic in Trier has increased in the last few years and although the city can become somewhat congested at peak times, a car provides a very convenient way to travel outside of the city. With many one-way systems in the city, Trier can be a difficult place to drive, although there are plenty of large roads in the centre that are easier to drive in.

Major roads are prefixed with a ‘B’ and the motorways are prefixed with ‘A’ which stands for Autobahn. Parking in shopping areas can prove difficult at the weekends, so it is advisable to arrive early. The minimum age for driving in Germany is 18 years old, and traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

Seatbelts must be worn at all times and children under 12 years old are forbidden to travel in the front of the car without a suitable child restraint.

Car rental companies are well represented throughout Trier and to rent a car you must show a full national driver’s licence and be over 21 years old, although some companies may make exceptions. Luxembourg and nearby Belgium are within easy driving distance.

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How To Enjoy Adventures In Bali

Bali is to everyone not only known for it’s indigenous culture, people, but also known for it’s nature, i.e.: magnificent mountain, alluring sea, beaches, pristine forest, waterfall, hot spring, rice fields, flora, fauna, traditional villages, etc are the great asset that Bali has to offer. It attracts the tourists to come to Bali especially to those who are fond of travelling. They like to go to the places where they can recharge their souls, unwind, release the tension from work, and simply enjoy what life has to offer.

While enjoying the great view, you may thoroughly enjoy the adventures in Bali through joining adventure activities that available in Bali, such as: horse riding, elephant ride, quad & buggy ride, bungy jumping, buggy drive, village trekking, forest & mountain trekking, cycling, hiking, rafting, sea cruise, land cruise, scuba/diving, snorkelling, water sports, land tours, golf, and so on.

Here’s a list of tips for adventure travellers, whether they want adventures that are more inclined to wilderness or just the typical family adventure most people would love to experience:

1. It is best that people should know what the type of travel adventure they are getting into.
Adventure travel may provide the kind of adrenalin rush most adventurers long to experience every time they get out of their territory. It is the feeling of newness and uncertainty on what will happen that gives them the satisfaction and gratification that they need.

However, it is still important for them to know what they are doing. After all, travelling always involve risky activities especially to those who are set to gain adventure experience.

2. Have a fixed set on the adventure travel destination.
Because of the vastness of locations and adventure locations available today, people might get confused on what areas are best for their adventure travel.

One good tip is to choose a location that can baffle those adventurous minds and mystify the eyes with great mystery.

As much as new and exotic places can be adventurous, it is still best to stick to the classical and typical locations. It would be really risky to try areas, which no one has ever dared to go to.

3. Consider the budget.
Adventure travelling can be pretty expensive especially when it entails going to places that entails great adventure packages.

So, it would be better for adventure travellers to shop around first and compare prices before deciding on what kind of adventure travel to take.

Indeed, adventure travel can be one of the most exciting and gratifying travel one can experience. However, with the exotic places, wilderness, and virgin forests that one might consider, it is a must that every travel must know the proper way how to protect themselves and what to do first before trying the place out.

After all I can say that Bali for adventurer is worthy place to visit.

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Flight plan

If you are going to a country lying in the distant part of the world from your home, you are most like to take plane, if your trip is not sea cruise. Plane is the fastest and the easiest way to reach your point of destination, but sometimes not the cheapest one. If you are traveling within your country borders or your way leads to the neighboring country, usually you have a choice of transport means – train, bus, plane – or even car. However, if you are to make several thousands of miles – it will be much more convenient to take plane, especially if you are short in time.
Traveling by air is the most frightening way of traveling. Millions of people all over the world are afraid of flying! Even some sportsmen, who are supposed to be brave, prefer to make long passages in bus, than to spend several hours in the air. Nowadays there exist a lot of physiological groups to defeat the fear of flights.
This fear has its reasons – planes really fall down. But – the trains and buses also crash and the ships sink sometimes. So, it cannot be said that the plane is less safe than any other means of transport. However concord flights, after several accidents considered not safe, were abolished.
Several advises before taking the plane
1) Take some pillows which can help you to avoid feeling seek.
2) Take some books or magazines to entertain you.
3) When you register your luggage – don’t forget to notice that it’s leading to the same airport as you. Sometimes it can fly to the other part of world and it will be very difficult to find.
Several advises during the flight
1) If you can sleep in a plane – you are lucky. It is the best way to spend your flight.
2) Don’t drink too much alcohol – or you will feel seek no matter having you take pillows or not.
3) If you are still nervous, take some relaxants or soporific.
The existence and the amount of the food on board depend on the length of your flight and the air company you are traveling with. Sometimes during the flight you can not only eat or drink, you can also buy some goods duty free. Prices are mostly the same as in the airport duty free shops, but the choice can be more limited.
When you are leaving or arriving the country, you have to spend some time (usually quite a long time) in the airport. Be ready and prepare some patience – long queries and crowds of people arriving and departing are almost in every airport. Remember that the registration usually begins two hours before departure time. If you are coming half an hour before your flight, there is a risk that you will miss it.
To travel abroad you need your foreign passport and sometimes visa. In some countries they stamp their visa in the airport. For example, in Egypt this procedure is quite simple. Anyway, have all the necessary documents with you.
Traveling by air is very convenient and there still some places on earth you can’t reach in other way. So, don’t exclude this comfort because of the baseless fear.

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The Benefits Of Traveling Off-Peak

The European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) defines traveling off-peak as “traveling outside rush-hours to avoid overcrowding in public means of transport.” This sounds all too simple and as we might expect – easier said than done.

For both air and car travel, avoid the crowds by traveling during the week, especially from Tuesday through Thursday. An added bonus is that airfares for travel Tuesday through Thursday are usually cheaper.

Mid-morning and late afternoon flights tend to be less crowded, plus you can really avoid commute traffic during this time. This site also offers the load on late-night flights (also known as red-eye flights for obvious reasons): these flights can help you avoid traffic but it’s only effective if you can sleep sitting up-right on a plane!

And did you know that traveling off-peak means traveling during holidays (not before or after) when airfares are lower and there’s less road traffic?

Some of the most affordable travel deals of the year can be found in the fall. If you find super off-peak dates that fall between major holidays, strike while the iron is hot. Book immediately with your discount travel broker. Never hesitate!

One great example of saving money by traveling off-peak is flying to the Caribbean during the North American winter months rather than during summer. You might say what’s the point in going to the Caribbean in winter when you’re going there to savor the beaches? But the fact is, there is hardly such a thing as winter in the Caribbean as it stays warm most of the year. In fact, it’s not a good idea to fly there during the peak season (I.e., summer months) as this is the period when the hurricanes usually come.

By traveling off-peak, not only will you get cheaper flights and accommodations. You will also gain a difference perspective on travel – especially the added advantage of enjoying your dream destinations without huddling with the masses of tourists during holidays.

It also helps to subscribe to online newsletters of discount air travel brokers such as Jestgo or WesJet. By having yourself included in these companies’ mailing list, you can get your hands on off-peak travel promotions faster than those who didn’t. So you see, it’s not just the air miles!

Finally, book your flight early to secure the most gains from traveling off-peak. One year’s planning can certainly help you reap the reward of the cheapest airfares possible! On the other hand, booking last minute can also have its rewards. If you’re the kind who can leave at a moment’s notice, you can save a lot from last-minute flights and accommodations. After all, airlines and hotels would rather greatly discount their seats and rooms than leave them empty!

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